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July 31, 2022

First Time Home Buyer Grants For Single Moms-Housing Assistance

July 31, 2022 0

Grant provides greater scope for every needy family to make things better. It does so with financial assistance. But, the best part about the grant is that it does not involve repayment. Under the program; individuals, communities, and organizations get free money.

Alongside, they even get the subsidized amount for the improvement of the communities. Subsidized programs are essential to low-come families. Rather than this, grants have been critical to making housing affordable. It also improves education at different levels and low income housing. Hence, single parents can have better housing through a grant as well.

first time home buyer grants single moms

    Why Grants For Single Mothers

    Single mothers face a lot of challenges in their life. They struggle to get better living to their children. They work hard to educate and feed their children. And single mothers do it all by themselves. Amidst these, if they are homeless, first time home buyer grant can work wonders for them.

    Homelessness for single mothers is on the rise. There is a growing pressure to adapt to the heightened price surge. In recent times, a number of natural disasters have taken place. Like many, single mothers have lost their homes too. These mothers do not possess any permanent housing facility yet. So, with a housing grant of different types, mothers like you can relieve their tensions.

    Besides first time home buyer grants, there are subsidized home programs too. You can take help of it.

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      Let us see what options in first time home buyer grants are there for you.

      Options Of Home Types

      You can find out different types of housing grants. At every location of your country, you can find it. It is present in the urban area and even the rural area. At the same time, there are options to use free money in apartment buildings and others. Besides, there are commercial properties. And there are land development and rental housing projects. It can be new construction and even an existing one from your neighborhood.

      Housing grant serves your purpose to ensure your security. Hence, there is a first time home buyer grant from the federal government. Other than facilitating your housing needs, it solves other purposes. You can use housing grants for the renovation of your existing home. So, use grant money to install a heating or cooling system and get one new furnace. You can check with wiring, plumbing and even roofing of your house.

      Different Types Of Housing Assistance Grants
      Section 8 Vouchers

      There are Section 8 vouchers. This program is run by the HUD. Single mothers from low-income families can get these vouchers. As you qualify to the program, you can get this rental assistance. So, use it to rent a house in your neighborhood. But, all you need to do is use this while renting. And your landlord would use it for repayment from HUD.

      You can get several benefits from this rental assistance grant. It helps you reduce your rental expenses. Simultaneously, it is the most effective and flexible rental program from the government. It allows you to redeem that voucher to buy your home too.

      Given eligibility, it depends on your family size and income. Simultaneously, your median income must not exceed 50 percent of the median income of your locality. Median rates change annually. Therefore, you can qualify even if your previous application was rejected.

      Subsidized Housing Assistance

      HUD works with the landlord to offer low rate rental assistance to single mothers. At the same time, it is not meant for single parents only. Single mothers with children can avail of this benefit too.

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        HUD gives subsidized housing assistance grant to the apartment owners. They reduce the rental charge and offer housing facility to single mothers. Applicants to this program can be anyone. But, it makes more sense for single mothers. So, you can get this grant today.

        There is a specific income limit by HUD. Hence, you should not exceed it.

        Besides, if you want your permanent housing, check with HUD’s public housing for single mothers.

        Know your options and get safe and secured housing facility today.

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        July 20, 2022

        Home Improvement Grants For Low Income Senior Citizens-Home Repair Grants

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        Getting your home repaired can be a huge challenge if you are running out of money. A repaired, remodeled and renovated house can be an essential need for senior citizens that will enable them to stay in their homes securely and have better accessibility.

        However, the costs of repairing are expensive and unaffordable with low savings and no income.

        Well, grants from the government, nonprofits, state and local governments, and community agencies can financially support the expenses. Many grants programs are available for senior citizens, so hurry and get your hud home improvement grants soon.

        HUD home improvement grants

        HUD Home Improvement Grants

        Very Low Income HUD Home Improvement Grants Program

        It offers federal grants and loans for home repairs to senior citizens residing in eligible areas and having the stated low-income level. Administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the grants are given by the rural development offices that offer grant amount up to $7,500, home repair loans up to $20,000 and grants and loans combined up to $27,500 to 62 or older senior citizens.

        Also named as the Single Family Housing Repair Loans and Grants, the grant program facilitates in modernizing, repairing and improving homes and removing safety and health hazards.

        Eligibility Criteria

        • Must have a family income less than 50% of the area median income
        • Must be the homeowner and occupant of the house
        • Should not be able to get affordable credit elsewhere
        • Must be 62 years or above
        • Cannot repay a repair loan
        The interest rate for the loan is 1% that can be paid back over 20 years and grants have lifetime limit up to $7,500. However, a combined loan and grant is given if partial re-payment is possible. Look up the Department of Health and Human Services Eldercare Locator website and browse the Home Repair and Modification section.

        Home repair loan is also available from HUD Home Improvement Loans given by private lenders that are HUD insured.

        State Grants

        Medicaid Home and Community Based Services

        Many states have Medicaid waivers that offer monetary help for home modifications to assist seniors to live independently in their homes. The eligibility criteria and benefits may differ from state to state. Get more information from the Medicaid office.

        Besides, states and local governments offer assistance programs like ‘deferred payment loans’ and ‘nursing home diversion programs’ that offer grants, loans or combination of both to low and moderate income earning seniors for home modifications.

        These may include home repairing like insulation, roofing, heating and cooling, storm windows, weather stripping and modifications like installing wheelchair ramps, grab bars or handrails. You may also apply for weatherization and window replacement grants for improved home energy efficiency.

        Also, check for state, nonprofit and municipal housing agencies’ home repair programs. Contact the state housing finance agency, Area Aging Agency or your city housing authority for more information.

        Nonprofit Organizations

        Home repair grants for senior citizens are also given by nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together, PacifiCorp Foundation and Salvation Army.

        Get your senior citizen home repair grants today and live independently.

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        July 13, 2022

        First Time Home Buyer Grants For Senior Citizens With Disability

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        Are you looking for a grant? There is a housing adaptation grant for everyone.  Disabled persons can get them too. We know that every grant has certain goals. Hence, the aim of this grant is to make necessary changes to homes for them.

        This scheme works for people with different categories of disabilities. Other than this, people with mental health difficulties can get a grant too. So, the grant is just the right fit for disabled persons.

        first time home buyer grants elder people

        How The Grant Helps

        With this grant, you can improve the adaptations in your home. So, do the necessary changes to your home. You may add an extension to your existing structure to extend its space.  Besides, you can build one ground floor bathroom or add a stair lift. There are certain conditions that allow you to go for heating solutions. However, it depends on certain provisions.
        You can opt for the Mobility Aids Grant Scheme. Use it for making minor changes to your home. But, there is another grant program for older people. This is Housing Aid for Older People Scheme.  The Housing Adaptation Grants for Older People with Disability Regulations authorizes these programs. Other than this, the local authorities manage all these programs.

        Besides, there are other benefits for disabled people. If you buy appliances or other aids, you can have VAT refunds from the grant. The refund scheme can help you with the installation and adaptation tasks. However, there are certain rules to claim the housing grants for disabled.

        Conditions to get Grants

        You can get housing adaptation grant only under certain conditions.
        • Housing purchased under the Tenant Purchase Scheme from a local authority
        • Housing owned by owners
        • The Voluntary housing Capital Assistance offers schemes for adaptation
        • Rental Subsidy scheme offers accommodation too
        Your disability helps you get low priced homes. But, if you build one, you can lower your rates too. During purchasing, you must confirm that your place is a normal residence. In case, you are a tenant, you must have approval from your landlord. Other than this, however, there is another application process depending on medical needs.

        Key Stages to Application Approval

        The selection process is based on three key priorities.
        A person is eligible under a few medical conditions:-
        1. Terminally or fully ill
        2. Dependent on family or career
        • Needs adaptations to be discharged from hospital
        1. Has mobility but needs help for the washing, accessing toilets and so on
        2. Mobility is hindered without alterations and adaptations
        1. Mobile, active and independent,
        2. needs assistance to improve their quality of life
        It is not over yet. Your eligibility also depends on the assessment by occupational therapists. The housing adaptation grant works only when you have a test report.

        Medical Assessment

        The grant scheme allows you to arrange an OT through a local authority. However, you can arrange it by yourself. You are able to recover up to €200 from the grant amount. But, it is subject to the maximum grant limit.

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          Alongside, seek grant help for your disabled child. The Disability Act 2005 part 2 has some protocols. It works for house adaptation. So, use it for your disabled child. But, you need to have an assessment report from a local OT too. Besides, there is another eligibility test for the housing adaptation grant. This involves your household income.

          Household income

          • Annual gross income of the owner or tenant in conjunction with spouse’s annual income
          • Any other’s household income aged about 23 years or above.
          However, follow certain rules. If you, they can strengthen your application process. You must wait until the grant is approved. If you start the adaptation work earlier, your grant will be rejected.

          If you are eligible, download the application form now from the local authority website. Submit all the documents and wait for approval.

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          Foreclosure and Mortgage Assistance Programs For You

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          Foreclosure and Mortgage Assistance For You-get your foreclosure and mortgage assistance programs and pay off your dues to live securely with your family.

          Paying off mortgages and foreclosure can be really intimidating and with meager savings or income it can even lead to evictions or homelessness. To offer assistance to families at poverty level grants and benefit programs have been initiated by the government, state or local agencies, nonprofit organizations and banks that can help settle down payments, foreclosures and mortgage issues. Families may also seek legal help.

          Read thoroughly for all available programs and live securely with your family.

          Mortgage Assistance Programs to Apply for

          Government Assistance
          States, counties and local governments offer assistance to low income earners for their mortgage and foreclosure. The US government has initiated loan modification services, refinancing programs, foreclosure prevention programs and mortgage assistance programs that help disadvantaged people from getting homeless.

          Mortgage Assistance Programs

          These programs, administered by the U.S. Treasury Department and HUD, are Second Lien Modification Program (2MP), Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) and Principal Reduction Alternative (PRA).

          There are even assistance programs for unemployed homeowners such as Home Affordable Unemployment Program (UP), FHA Special Forbearance and Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Program.

          Federal Organization

          There are government owned organizations that offer help with foreclosure and mortgage. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have initiated programs and services like Borrowers Help Centers, Borrower Help Network and Streamlined Modification Initiative that help homeowners with their mortgage payment. Further assistance programs like Making Home Affordable Program, Hope for Homeowners by the Federal Housing Authority, Military Homeowners Assistance Program and Neighborhood Stabilization Program also can help.

          Non-profit Housing Counseling Agencies

          The nonprofits or the HUD approved housing counseling agencies assist in paying off the monthly mortgage and prevent foreclosures. The services rendered are mostly free of cost. There are special programs for renters, tenants and homeowners.

          While for renters and tenants the programs emphasize more on eviction, for homeowners the programs mostly pertain to foreclosure for assistance with home loan modifications or credit repayment. Nonprofit housing agencies like the Housing Counseling Agency, NeighborWorks America, Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, Union Plus and Save the Dream Tour also offer assistance.

          Catholic Charities

          Many foreclosure counseling programs and homebuyer assistance are also offered by catholic charities. The services are provided free of cost all across the nation through their centers. Even community action agencies offer cash grants to avoid foreclosure or homelessness.

          Mortgage forbearance programs are also offered by banks that include Citibank, bank of America, JP Morgan and Wells Fargo. Loans are also available at low interest rates to clear any housing dues.

          Updated List Of Home Repair Grants For Low Income Families

          Federal Legal Assistance

          Federal grants are also given to law offices and attorneys to offer legal assistance to homeowners for foreclosure. The legal officers probe into the matter and offer help to support such homeowners to avoid homelessness.

          If you are also facing issues with foreclosure or mortgage problems then start applying for the federal grants or seek help from nonprofits to save your roof. Apply with your state, local or county offices for support.

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          July 11, 2022

          Free Window Replacement Grants For Low Income Families

          July 11, 2022 1
          Apply For The Free Window Replacement Grants and Programs From The Government And Make An Easy Way To Your Home Maintenance

          Get window replacement grants opportunities. They exist for low income families, homeowners, and businesses. So, you can make renovations with more energy-efficient choices. And nothing provides better options than window repair replacement grant.

          The government gives you free money as energy saving incentives. This program ensures proper energy efficiency in homes with better window solutions.

          Therefore, you can get free grants for window replacement and make renovations.

          free window replacement grants

          What does Window Replacement program cover?

          Are your windows too old and broken? If your windows are not in proper working conditions, it increases your energy bills. But, the government wants to reduce energy use. Hence, having better window replacement solutions is ideal for your home. It promises to make your homes energy efficient.

          As part of the energy efficiency program, you can enjoy the benefits of the grant programs. A dozen of things are there to choose from. The window replacement grant programs cover the window buying or installing costs. Sometimes, it may cover the full costs of the window and its installation process. However, it has to be some special cases to get full costs.

          The Government spreads awareness of this grant program. Consequently, you can help save on energy costs. At the same time, every one of us can reduce energy costs at a global level.

          Hence, when you apply to this program, you pledge to lend your hand to it. Besides, this program helps you reduce heating and cooling costs of your homes. And above all, you help reduce the carbon footprint across the world.

          Interestingly, you do not need to repay the grant amount. So, when there is an opportunity, you must take it. You can find three of the window replacement grants there.

          Here are the average window replacement cost by frame material           

          Type of Frames

          Average Price

          Clad Frame

          $400 - $1,800

          Aluminum Frame

          $100 - $1,400

          Fiberglass Frame

          $200 - $1,500

          Wood Frame

          $250 - $1,000

          Composite Frame

          $300 - $900

          Vinyl Frame

          $100- $800

          Cost of installation of new windows by type

          Window replacement, installation and labor charges can vary by your home’s location, type of window you are installing, and how long the project takes. Most window contractors replace windows at an hourly rate. Here is a list with average costing of windows for installation and materials.

          Type Of Windows

          Price Of Windows

          Window + Installation Price

          Bow Windows

          $2,000 - $5,000

          $3,000 - $12,000

          Folding Windows

          $1,800 - $4,500

          $2,800 - $6,000

          Bay Windows

          $1,000 - $3,000

          $2,000 - $9,000

          Egress Windows

          $700 – $2,400

          $2,200 - $,5,000

          Double Pane Windows

          $100 - $3,000

          $200- $4,000

          Tilt Out Windows

          $500 - $1,500

          $700 - $2,200

          Sliding Windows

          $200 - $700

          $300 - $1,000

          Double Hang Windows

          $150 - $600

          $250 - $700

          Single Hung Windows

          $100 - $500

          $200 - $800

          Free Window Replacement Grant Programs

          All the grant programs help you pay for the windows and their installation. The USDA runs two programs. These are the High Energy Cost Grant Program and the Rural Energy of America Program Grant. Another program is the Tribal Energy Program. The U.S Department of Energy administers it.

          The first two programs distribute free money through different organizations. They include different businesses, nonprofits, and state and local governments. However, there are certain criteria for eligibility.

          It considers funding levels and other parameters. Thus, the government grant programs make sure every family in need can enjoy the benefits. To cover the costs of energy efficient windows, you can apply to the first programs for grants.

          Other window replacement grants programs is under the Weatherization Assistance Program. The U.S DOE manages it.

          Go For- First Time Home Buyer Grants to Get Your Own Home

            How WAP Works?

            It is a part of the energy-saving renovation program. Over 38 million homes in rural areas enjoy this program. So, you can do window repairs, new window installations, and other renovations. However, if you want to get its benefits, you must be eligible. To get it, your income needs to be below the poverty line.  In your locality, there are state and local level centers to give out free money. Check with them for your options.

            You May Also opt- Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program

              High Energy Cost Program

              This program aims at improving energy efficiency. And renewable energy development is another priority. To become eligible, your state energy costs must be 275 percent more than the national average. This program helps the entire community.

              REAP Grants

              Many organizations can get free money. Small rural businesses, school, agriculture, state, and tribal government can use the program. It also aims at energy efficiency and renewable energy development.

              Window replacement grants help every community prosper in their lives. Hence, you should avail it today.
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              July 7, 2022

              Low Income Roof Replacement Grants-Free Roof Repair Programs

              July 07, 2022 1
              Free roof replacement grants: home repair assistance-Get your roof repaired or replaced free of cost by the roof replacement grants and live safely with your family.

              Does your home require roof replacement or repair? Well, do not wait then; home renovation, repair, and modernization are essential for the safety of the residents.

              A well-maintained roof protects and shields your family against bad weather like snowfall or rain and gives a decent look to your house. Moreover, a cracked or damaged roof can be hazardous for your family.

              If your income levels are insufficient for the expenses then apply for the free roof replacement grants from the federal government, state agencies, and nonprofits for financial assistance. Read through the varied roof replacement grant programs.

              The Housing Preservation Grant

              HPG is a federal program that gives grants to sponsoring organizations for renovation, rehabilitation, and repair of homes for low and very low income earning families. The sponsors are state agencies, government entities, nonprofit organizations, and Native American Tribes. If you need roof replacement grants, you need to meet a few eligibility criteria:
              • Applicants must be low or very low homeowners, cooperative members or landlords
              • A low-income earner must have earnings between 50-80 percent of the area median income
              • A very low-income earner must have earnings below 50 percent of AMI

              Single Family Residential Rehabilitation Program (SFRRP)

              SFRRP provides free home repair grants for minor house repair work, roof renovation, window repair, door repair, roof repair, removing safety hazards, removing any objects of physical threats, and making home more accessible for physically disabled. It also checks for any building code violations.

              SFRRP sponsors two programs

              • Roof Repair Program: senior citizens are given up to $15,000 for repairing or replacing of roof. It also includes gutter and exterior roofing work.
              • Handicapped Accessibility Improvement Program (HAIP): people with special needs are given grant amount up to $30,000 for remodeling of the house. It facilitates better accessibility and eliminating barriers or other hazardous objects.

              Weatherization Assistance Program

              The WAP offers home repairing/improving grants to low-income families for renovating and repairing homes. Administered by the Department of Energy, it disburses grants worth $5 billion to territories, states, and local governments to support underprivileged families. 

              You may apply for WAP for home up-gradation, improving energy efficiency, update home appliances, repairing of roofs, and restoring homes for better living standards.

              Remember the following points before you apply

              • Applicants should be below the poverty level
              • Priority is given to senior citizens, families with disabled members or children
              • If you are a receiver of Aid to Families with Dependent Children or Supplemental Insurance Income then you automatically qualify for WAP

              Single Family Housing Repair Grants and Loans

              Low to very low-income homeowners are entitled to receive Single Family Housing Repair Grants and Loans for home repair and modification work.

              Sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the program offers monetary support for home repair, modernization, or improvement work that includes roof repairing services, window repairing, door repairing and removing safety hazards. Families that cannot attain credit elsewhere are given assistance.

              The eligibility criteria to apply for the loans/grants are

              • Income level should be less than 50% of the median income
              • Must be the homeowner
              • Be 62 years of age or above
              Apply for the free roof replacement grants and avail services free of cost.

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